Standardized plantain characterization and documentation methodology for WCA national Musa collections

The report of the workshop held in May in Cameroon is now available

As already announced in May 2015, the Centre Africain de Recherches sur Bananiers et Plantains (CARBAP), together with the Global Musa Genetic Resources Network (MusaNet), held a workshop to address the need for a standardized plantain characterization and documentation methodology for West and Central African (WCA) national Musa collections. This third MusaNet workshop, held in Njombé, Cameroon  from 11-15 May 2015, built on the experience from two previous workshops in 2013 at CIRAD in Guadeloupe and in 2014 at the National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB) in India. However the workshop at CARBAP was the first of a more focused, regional scope. In attendance were 12 invited curators of national Musa collections across West and Central Africa (WCA), key experts, and staff from CARBAP and Bioversity. The programme and background documents were developed by an Expert Team from CARBAP and Bioversity, led by Musa taxonomists Edmond de Langhe and Kodjo Tomekpe. The workshop was financed by the European Union.

The pdf of the report is available here

Have a look to the presentations on MusaNet website