New Guide and factsheets for producing clean planting material of banana

CD_Rondelle_for_Claudine_200pxAlready available on line and soon on CD-ROM, this illustrated guide summarizes the key practices for producing clean planting material of banana with a high yield potential for smallholders, depending on the pests and diseases which are present.
The guide is also designed to contribute to better planning of the propagation of planting material for rural development and disaster relief projects.
A simpler version of the guide is available as grower fact sheets well-illustrated with photographs.
A version of the factsheets without any text is also included which will allow you to insert a short text in any local language. On the CD-ROM currently in press, you will find the high definition photos that are used in both the guide and the factsheets and a bibliography and full-text articles.
Please keep the banana world posted about your experiences through this web site.