A Catalogue of Some ITC Reference Collection Grown in the Philippines

The catalogue includes 25 ITC Musa accessions from different subgroups. In this catalogue, the minimum set of morphological descriptors and photos were utilized with little modification. Supplemental information on the disease reaction of the accessions against Fusarium Wilt (Foc TR4) and Banana Bunchy Top Virus was also included. With the existing characterization data from different researches and institutions, this characterization aims to assist in distinguishing highly heritable characters and the identification of plant descriptors that vary less in all environments.

Authors: LS Gueco, FV Corpuz, OO Silvestre, FFM Silva, FM Dela Cueva, AI Regner, EG Fabregar, VGO Sinohin, AB Molina, Jr.
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.34142.74560

ITC Catalogue