KLUAI NAMWA (Foc TR4 Resistant Variety)

Dwarf Kluai Namwa also known internationally as Pisang Awak (AAB), a dwarf clonal variant introduced from Thailand performs good in the Philippines. It is short in stature with huge and strong pseudostem thus resistant to typhoons . Pisang Awak is a variety sub-group with several variants. It is a very important variety for local markets in many countries in Asia and Africa. It is relatively less popular in the Philippines because the local variant of Pisang Awak, called Lagkitan is tall and susceptible to strong winds. Bioversity’s trials in commercial fields in Davao heavily infested with Fusarium Wilt , Dwarf Kluai Namwa was very resistant to Foc Tropical Race 4. Infection incidence were less than 1% while susceptible varieties like Lakatan (AAA) and Cavendish (AAA) sustained more than 90% in the first crop. It is also observed resistant to Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV), and Black Sigatoka.

Thus, the introduced selection of typhoon-disease resistant Dwarf Kluai Namwa is potential variety for small scale banana growers for the local market. Its fruits are sweet and fit to the taste of the local consumers. This selection can also be of interest to other countries. The Dwarf Kluai Namwa is conserved at the Musa germplasm collection of the Institute of Plant Breeding, UPLB, and at the Bureau of Plant Industry genebank, in Davao City, Philippines

A more detailed technical paper about this variety’s performance in the Philippines will be out soon.

For information, contact
Dr. Gus Molina
Bioversity International- Asia Pacific, Philippine Office
Email: a. molina@cgiar.org

whole plant Note the huge pseudostem of the unshot stand of Dwarf Kluai Namwa.

bunch Bunch of Dwarf Kluai Namwa. Ripe finger has relatively thin skin, and sweet pulp.

kluai namwa Bioversity’s Dr. Gus Molina and Ms. Vida Sinohin in a field stand of Dwarf Kluai Namwa. Field trial at UP Los Banos, co-coordinated with Dr. Lavern Gueco of the Institute of Plant Breeding.

ripe fruits Ripe fruits of Dwarf Kluai Namwa. Ripe finger has relatively thin skin, and sweet pulp

typhoon damage This was a field trial of 7 local cultivars including Dwarf Kluai Namwa. It was damaged by typhoon in July 2013. Note that only the plot of Kluai Namwa remained standing (at the background) while all other varieties were totally destroyed.

field data Kluai Namwa highly resistant to Fusarium Wilt (Foc TR4)

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