Foc TR4 resistant varieties that may save the banana industry

Public-private research collaboration in addressing the problem of the banana industry threatened by a fungal disease. Philippine banana export is more than $ 800 million annually providing more than 300,000 direct employment. This disease also threatens big Cavendish plantations in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, and potential threat to India the biggest banana producer in the world, and other Southeast Asian countries as well. Dr. Molina leads a BAPNET-wide collaboration in addressing the mitigation of this disease. The pictures herein were taken today in experimental and commercial plantations in Davao, where two improved somaclonal variant Cavendish from TBRI, were reselected, improved and adapted for the Philippine situation. These varieties are also potential solution to TR4 problem elsewhere. This success is a reflection of effective collaboration.

Mr Edwin Fabregar, Operations manager of Lapanday

Dr. Molina in field discussions with research managers TADECO, Del MOnte, Dole, Lapanday, Tristar) and other researchers of banana companies in Davao. This was taken in the plot where 60 germpplasm from ITC is evaluated. In the picture includes Dr. Benny Corcolon, Vice Presidnet for research of TADECO, Dr. Pec Dipon, Research Manager od Del Monte, Dr. Gina Escuadra, Sr Scientist, Dole and others.

Researchers from Lapanday Corp (Dr Emily Fabregar, research manger and Emma Ramillete, researcher), with Dr. Molina, beside a good stand of GCTCV 218, in a highly FOC tr4 infested plot

A young bunch of GCTCV 218


Dr. Molina, international research leader, all smiles with an outstanding research outcome, a sweet fruit of years of research efforts

This is a plot of Gran Naine (commercial susceptible variety) side by side with GCTCV 218, shsowing severe infestation of Fusarium wilt. Infected plants were already eliminated


United efforts with different partners: Dole, TADECO, Tristar, Unifruti, Lapanday, Del Monte, Marsman. This is a 30-hectare farm rehabilitated from devastation of TR4 with GCTCV 218, by Lapanday Foods Corp