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Below are the latest titles regarding bananas in Nigeria published in 2013:

Baiyeri, K.P., Ndukwe, O.O. and Tenkouano, A. 2013. Manure placement method influenced growth, phenology and bunch yield of three Musa genotypes in a humid zone of Southern Nigeria. Communications in Biometry and Crop Science 8(1):1–9.

Kayode, R.M.O., Ajiboye, , Babayeju, A.A., Kayode, B.I., Oladoye, and Adu, K.T. 2013. Proximate, Mineral Composition and Microbial Counts of Over-Ripe Fried Plantain (Dodo-Ikire) Sold By Vendors in Ikire Town, Nigeria. The International Journal of Biotechnology 2(4):68-82.,%2068-82.pdf

Oluwafemi, A.B. 2013. Influence of number of sucker per plant on the growth, yield and yield components of Plantain (Musa sp.) in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Agricultural Science Research Journals 3(2):45-49.

Adegbola, R.O., Ayodeji, O., Awosusi, O.O., Atiri, G.I. and Lava Kumar, P. 2013. First Report of Banana bunchy top virus in Banana and Plantain (Musa spp.) in Nigeria. Plant Disease 97(2):290-290.

Cauthen, J., Jones, D., Gugert, M.K. and Anderson, L. 2013. Banana and Plantain Value Chain: West Africa. EPAR Brief 239:25.