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mozambique-mapOverview of banana production in Mozambique

Bananas are one of the most common fruit crops grown in Mozambique, and can be regarded as one of the major sources of food security, due to its capacity of producing bunches throughout the year. Banana (Musa spp.) production in Mozambique is largely confined to the Cavendish variety that is eaten as a dessert.

In Mozambique, bananas are also an important source of income of smallholder farming families, who grow it on small family plots, partly for home consumption and partly for sale in local or near by markets.

Major banana producers in Mozambique

Province Sector Business entity(ies) Area Production
Maputo Commercial Bananalandia approx 750 ha,
25,000 ton/year
Libombos Macadamia Lda
Tropical Frutos, Lda
Rio Verde, SARL
AAA Enterprise, Lda
Small-scale Individual families Farmers associations
Manica Small-scale Individual families Farmers associations Approx 400-600 ha
12,000 ton/year
Nampula Commercial Matanuska Lda Projected 3000 ha (

Modified from: Solomon Gebeyehu, SPS Coordinator for Southern Africa USDA-Foreign Agricultural Service.

Major banana cultivars in Mozambique include:

  • Apple banana (banana-mac) – small and tasty fruits, though easily perishable.
  • Dwarf Cavendish (Cavendish AAA)- cultivated through out the year

Other varieties include: 1. Grand Naine, 2. Chinese Cavendish