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Banana production areas, yields and systems

DRC-mapIn the Democratic Republic of Congo, plantain and banana (Musa spp.) are considered the second most important staple crop after cassava (Manihot esculenta). The Congo basin is a secondary center of plantain diversity in the world. However, the area planted with plantain/banana declined from over 400,000 ha in the early 90s to less than 150,000 ha presently. Yields are low and declining and plantain became too expensive for poor urban households. (P. Mobambo et al. 2010).

More information is available on Musapedia, an online collaboratively built and peer-reviewed compendium of knowledge on bananas, which has a section on banana-producing countries, including one on Democratic Republic of Congo. The purpose of these pages is to provide access to relevant statistics and describe the country’s banana-based systems as well as the factors that constrain their productivity and sustainability. Everyone with information to share can edit these pages. All you need to do to be allowed to edit or create a page is to register to the ProMusa website. Participating in this effort will help ensure that the information about banana production in DRC is both accurate and up-to-date.