Presentation of the network


Stakeholders along the production-consumption continuum enjoy greater well-being via increased incomes, sustainably improved food security and nutrition, and greater environmental health, made possible by the conservation of banana diversity and sharing of information and technologies.


To ensure enhanced sustainable productivity, value added and competitiveness of bananas and plantain in Eastern and Southern Africa.


Enhanced utilization of technologies and innovations for sustainable productivity of the staple crops in ESA. In addressing this purpose, the network partners has over time, set, reviewed and reset its priorities in the quest to respond to the changes within and without the network.


BARNESA focus is at the regional level and the network need not replace nor compete with national mandates. Hence each country participating in the network has its own priorities but BARNESA activities will only be those that add value to the NARS activities, collectively or individually. For this reason, guiding principles have evolved to help the network identify its niche in regional Banana research for development in Eastern and Southern Africa.

It is the role of BARNESA to regularly review its mandated activities so as to identify shared goals of its members and promote economies of scale and scope through collaboration, specialization and sharing of results. Hence while the NARS tend to produce national public goods, BARNESA will seek to develop regional public goods that would be under-produced in the absence of shared goals and a regional mechanism to do that. This should be achieved through close coordination, facilitation and networking of the different countries in ESA.

BARNESA Priorities

  • Enhancing regional competitiveness and value chains of bananas in ESA
  • Strengthening capacity building to enhance research in banana innovation systems
  • Enhancing regional banana seed systems to deliver quality planting material and products
  • Integration and validation of systems health-enhancing strategies in banana to improve productivity and promote utilization in ESA
  • Facilitate policy analysis and harmonization process to enhance the performance of banana in ESA
  • Facilitate information collection, analysis and exchange amongst regional stakeholders.

Membership of BARNESA

BARNESA was initially formed by the leaders of national banana research and development programmes in eastern and southern Africa. Subsequently the network steering committee adopted a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach and brought in members of the private sector such as seed companies and post harvest processors. Hence in addition to banana program leaders of participating countries (Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda), BARNESA SC has three members from the private sector. Bioversity International provides coordination support, with a rotating chair from member countries.