History of Banana Research Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (BARNESA)

1994: Creation of BARNESA

In 1994, BARNESA was created as a research network by the NARS in Eastern and Southern Africa and led by NARO-Uganda, .

1997: INIBAP provides coordination support to BARNESA

In 1996, BARNESA Steering Committee approached both IITA and INIBAP with a request to provide coordinating support. The request was answered by INIBAP which in 1997 opened an office in Uganda and put in place a lean team to coordinate the network.

1998: ASARECA assumes ownership of BARNESA

Subsequently, in 1998 ASARECA – the Association for strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa- assumed the ownership of BARNESA and, with financial support from the EU, facilitated the formulation of the BARNESA 5-year (2003-2008) research and development plan that was built on regionally identified priorities. In 2004, ASARECA signed a partnership agreement with INIBAP to provide coordination and back- stopping support to BARNESA. In June 2007, ASARECA re-organized its strategy from networks to programs, forming 7 programs out of the 17 networks and programs.

2007: Bioversity International resumes coordination of BARNESA

In its 2007 Steering Committee in Dar es Salaam, BARNESA resolved to request Bioversity International to resume the coordination of the network, a request Bioversity accepted.