How can we produce more manure on-farm for our bananas?

Extension-Newsletter manure-(English)p1_croppedThroughout East Africa farmers prefer manure as the best alternative to make bananas more productive.  Yet, many smallholders don’t have the land or capital to raise cattle. A just completed publication for farm households and field organizations details the experiences of farm households in Central Uganda in producing more manure on farm on-farm for their bananas.  They used zero-grazed goats fed with hedgerows of fodder shrubs and prunings from pre-existing trees.  The manure and mulch applied to bananas increased production by nearly three times. The publication, also available in Luganda, is a guide to set up a zero-grazed goat operation with on-farm fodder resources. The work was carried out with funding from the Austrian Development Agency and two CGIAR Resarch Programs – ‘Roots, Tubers and Bananas’ and ‘Humidtropics’.

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