International Banana Symposium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (November 2012)

 International Banana Symposium: Banana Improvement, Health Management, Use Diversification and Adaptation to Climate Change

CoverBook-of-Abstracts_Taiwan 2012

Book of abstracts


SESSION 1:  Climate Change, Impact and Mitigation Systems

Banana growers facing climate change in Asia and the Pacific: Planning adaptation to uncertainty, weather variability and extreme events … G Calberto, C Staver, J van Etten and AB Molina

Advances and challenges of banana production systems towards sustainability of production and mitigating effects of climate changeS Lindsay, T Pattison and N King

Assessment of possible climate change (temperature) effects on AAA EAH beer bananas … D Karamura, W Ocimati and E Karamura

Assessment of growth, physiology and water use efficiency of wild and edible Musa balbisiana germplasm under drought conditionE Delfin, ETM  Ocampo, FM dela Cueva, OP Damasco, LE Herradura, E G Dinglasan, LS Gueco, F S dela Cruz and AB Molina

Computational prediction, identification and expression profiling of microRNA against drought stress in banana … M Muthusamy, S Backiyarani, MS Saraswathi and S Uma

SESSION 2:  Breeding, Conservation and Molecular Techniques

Agricultural resilience in the context of climate change: Widening the genetic basis of cultivated Musa to manage uncertainty J Sardos, I Van den Houwe, I Van den Bergh, X Perrier and N Roux

Banana and plantain breeding – A review of problems, prospects and new initiativesS Uma

Appropriate use of banana ICM production methods as a way for safe conservation and exploitation of Musa genetic resourcesJP Busogoro, J Nzungize, JMV Nkunduwimye, E Dukuze, R Somers, J Thomas and D Ndamugoba

Quantitative proteomic analysis demonstrates antioxidation mechanisms contributing to cold tolerance in plantain (Musa paradisiaca L.; ABB Group) seedlingsQS Yang, JH Wu, CY Li, YR Wei, O Sheng, CH Hu, RB Kuang, YH Huang, XX Peng, JA McCardle, W Chen, Y Yang, JKC Rose, S Zhang and GJ Yi

Exploitation of the banana genome: A biologist’s viewpointMW Davey

DNA fingerprinting of popular Indian varieties using SSR and ISSR markersMS Saraswathi, S Uma, K Brindha, K Udhayanjali, K Suresh babu, E Punniyakotti, P Durai and S Backiyarani

Species of banana streak virus (BSV) in the Philippines and its activation by tissue culture processes and gamma radiationFM Dela Cueva, MAO Balendres, JS Consignado and OP Damasco

Identification and development of molecular marker specific to Eumusae leaf spot disease caused by Mycosphaerella eumusae R Thangavelu, P Ganga Devi and MM Mustaffa

SESSION 3: In Vitro Technology/Tissue-Culture Management

The development and impact of in vitro induction in organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis of bananas CJ Ping, IC Huang, CC Lu, MC Chung, PL Huang and CT Shii

Banana viruses and indexing techniques for health management … HJ Su and HH Yeh

A novel technique for mass indexing of tissue cultured banana plants for banana bunchy top virus (BBTV)WART Wickramaarachchi, KT Rangaswamy and KS Shankarappa

Rapid mass micropropagation of Musa acuminata cv Berangan (AAA): From lab to fieldN Husin, RY Othman and N Khalid

Improvement and application of banana micropropagation in Taiwan … SW Lee, MJ Huang, CY Chen and SY Lee

Effects of TDZ on morphological and biochemical changes of banana plantlets (Musa spp.) cultivar mass cultured in temporary immersion bioreactor systemM Razani, NA Shaharuddin, S Subramaniam and M Mahmood

Key banana pest and disease challenges and their mitigation in AfricaE Karamura, W Ocimati, W Tinzaara, D Karamura, G Blomme and C Staver

Bananas in Latin American and the Caribbean: Major pest and disease challenges and perspectives for sustainable managementM Dita, LP Vicente, M Guzmán, M Orozco and LL de Bellaire

Farmers’ knowledge of banana crop management as related to the control of banana diseases in BurundiC Niyongere, P Ndayihazamaso, N Niko, S Bizimana, A Nibasumba, P Lepoint, S Kaboneka, E Sakayoya, W Jogo, W Tinzaara and E Karamura

Fine-tuning Xanthomonas Wilt control options over the past decade in East and Central Africa G Blomme, W Ocimati, J Ntamwira, C Sivirihauma, P Lepoint, W Tinzaara and E Karamura

The study of Pisang Barangan resistance to banana blood disease bacterium (Ralstonia solanacearum Phylotype IV) by use of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi indigenous F Suswati, N Nasir and Azwana

SESSION 4:   Soil and Plant Health

Understanding of plant-soil health in IPM/ICM for sustainable banana production A Pattison, T Kukulies, W O’Neill and AB Molina

Potential of multipurpose intercrops for the management of Radopholus similis, Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobacteria in banana-based cropping systems D De Waele, LVan der Veken and A Elsen

Status of distribution, damage and mitigation of banana wilt in MalaysiaTM Tengku Ab. Malik, MN Roff, L Rozeita and T Maimun

Suppressing Fusarium Wilt of bananas with ground coversT Kukulies, A Pattison, W O’Neill and AB Molina

Increased soil suppressiveness to banana Fusarium Wilt disease through banana intercropping with Allium spp.A Wibowo, AR Alboneh, S Subandiyah, A Pattison and AB Molina

Isolation and evaluation of biocontrol agents from Phylloplane and soil Rhizosphere of banana plants for suppressing the growth of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubenseL Rozeita, MN Mohamad Roff, and TM Tengku Ab Malik

Cultivation management on organic banana production at TBRI farmSC Chiang, CM Chang, HP Chen and MJ Chen

Influence of long-term organic farming on banana plantation soil: From microbial aspect YM Chou, FT Shen, SC Chiang, CM Chang, MJ Chen and CC Young

The effect of cropping systems in the management of Fusarium Wilt to increase the livelihoods of smallholder banana farmersC Hermanto, Edison Hs., E Rokayah, R Amril, D Emilda, D Sunarwati, VGO Sinohin and AB Molina

Field evaluation of pseudostem injected Vydate L against banana nematode under tropical lowland conditions in Mindanao, PhilippinesL Trueggelmann, MC Obello, LM Bacus, DKB Alovera, JB Simbajon and CS Caharian

SESSION 5:  Banana Pests and Diseases/Fusarium Wilt

Non-conventional banana breeding through somaclonal variation selection in TaiwanSC Hwang

Status of occurrence and disease management approaches and R&D on Fusarium Wilt in Asia-PacificAB Molina, CP Chao, C Hermanto, TM Tengku Ab Malik, R Williams and GJ Yi

Integrated disease management of Fusarium Wilt in TaiwanCP Chao, SY Lee, CY Chen, SK Tzeng, CC Su and SC Hwang

Integrated disease management of Fusarium Wilt in China … GJ Yi

Status of occurrence and disease management approaches and R&D on Fusarium Wilt in India … R Thangavelu

Characteristics and applications of plant Endophytic bacterium, Burkholderia cenocepacia 869T2 on biocontrol of Fusarium Wilt in planta YN Ho, HM Chiang, HF Hsu, JL Hsieh and CC Huang

Early diagnostic of fusarium wilt of banana: Recent advances and its implication for disease managementMA Dita, C Waalwijk, A Daly, PFL Chang, BM Corcolon and GHJ Kema

An efficient and reliable molecular method for detection of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense Race 4 using real-time PCRYH Lin, CC Su, CP Chao, JWHuang and PFL Chang

Deep sequencing-based banana root transcriptome profiling analysis of the resistant mutant to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense Tropical Race 4 and its wild-type … CY Li, GM Deng, J Yang, A Viljoen, Y Jin, RB Kuang, CW Zuo, ZC Lu, QS Yang, O Sheng, YR Wei, CH Hu, T Dong and GJ Yi

Ultrastructure alteration of banana cultivars with different resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubenseRB Kuang, CY Li, YR Wei, O Sheng, QS Yang, CH Hu and GJ Yi

SESSION 6: Banana Markets and Uses

Banana production, consumption and trade in Asia L Trueggelmann

The banana industry: Finding opportunities, overcoming challenges B Liu

Consumers’ perception and purchase decision towards organic banana— Empirical analysis based on multiple-group analysis of structural equation model C Xinjian, D Tao and GJ Yi

Development of a new banana processing product: Banana starch as a health food from Cavendish banana in TaiwanTC Huang, YT Fu and HC Chen