Meeting with Australian Growers

(Left) Dr. Tony Pattison of DAFFQ shows a banana pseudostem infected by Fusarium wilt. (Right) The banana growers are given more dose of lectures with actual field demonstrations by the scientific experts. (Photo credit: Brian Cassey)

A back-to-back activity was organized by the Australian Banana Growers’ Association (ABGA) and the Queensland’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFFQ) on May 29 to June 2013 in Brisbane, Australia. The Banana Plant Protection Workshop and the Banana Industry Congress stressed on the importance of strict biosecurity measures to avert the spread of transboundary pathogens like TR4 which is now present in the Northern Territory.

Speaking in the events was Dr. Agustin Molina, Executive Secretary of BAPNET and regional coordinator for Asia-Pacific of Bioversity International, who discussed the current situation of Foc TR4 in Asia-Pacific and how to effectively prevent disease spread and other kinds of transborder pathogens and pests.