American plant pathologists visit Bioversity Philippines

Dr. Bob Kemerait (left) and Dr. John Sherwood (right) with Dr. Agustin Molina


October 9, 2013 – Dr. Bob Kemerait (left), Professor at University of Georgia (UGA), and Dr. John Sherwood (right), Head of the Department of Plant Pathology at UGA and past president of the American Phytopathology Society, visited Bioversity International’s Asia-Pacific Office in the
Philippines yesterday. Dr. Gus Molina, Senior Scientist and Regional Coordinator of Bioversity for Asia and the Pacific, briefed them of the R&D status of Fusarium Wilt (TR4) in the region. Drs. Sherwood and Kemerait are in the country to participate in the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Philippine Phytopathological Society.